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Curry, Irving, Thomas, Lillard…What do these guys have in common?…Well a lot, but lets talk about their ability to finish at the rim among the seven foot tree’s that are in the NBA. All these guys are “undersized” (By NBA standards) yet they can still finish with the best of them. These guys are not dunking over people or bullying their way into the paint yet they have just as many points in the paint as some centers. HOW DO THEY DO IT??

To simplify things we will say they do it in 3 ways

  1. NEUTRALIZE THE SIZE of the big men! Do not ever fade away from size when finishing down low. you have to attack the body of the seven footer and get their momentum moving away from you and the ball. HUNT the contact!
  2. USE BOTH HANDS. Simple right. you need to learn how to hit floaters, finger rolls, running hooks, spin moves, reverses…etc… with both left and right hands. This doubles your scoring options and it makes you seem quicker than you really are since people will be forced to play you straight up.
  3. You have to be able to SHOOT!! You will always come across a defender that is more athletic than you. If all you can do is finish at the rim and you cannot shoot than that defenders job is easy. If you can shoot and he has to play you honestly it will be come a lot easier to get to the basket and use all those finishes you practiced on.

Check out the link of Irving to see the best in the game in action; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0sK6J7-VwmA