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Why has sports become all about the numbers? Whether scoring, rebounds, assists, etc. This often drives athletes to no longer play the game for their teams but for themselves and how they are rewarded.

What ever happened to winning being enough?

Nowadays, athletes would rather lose by 20 points as long as it meant they got their 15+ points.

I challenge you to watch and observe a game (a FULL game and watch what the players do when they DO NOT have the ball), don’t only create an opinion based on stats, highlights, and social media. Recognize those players who are the real MVP’s, who are those who will dive on the floor for a loose ball, deflect a pass for their teammate to get the steal, one who has the PASSION and PRIDE to not let their opponent score.

We NEED these REAL athletes who will do whatever it takes to WIN!

Check out this video.. Don’t only watch Rondos awesome hustle play but his teammate who deflected the pass to make Rondos play happen https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oyhx0i27-Cc