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What is Knowledge?

Read carefully! Knowledge is facts, information, and skill acquired by a person through experience or education; it is the theoretical or practical understanding of a subject.

The antonyms of knowledge are ignorance, imperception, and misunderstanding. Experience, education, and understanding is the basis of knowledge.

Now, why is this important to the world of sports and training?!¬† Sports performance training is the big thing now and is very saturated. Everyone and their brother is trying to sell you a product or supplement that will make you the next great athlete in 21 days or less!! However, sports performance training requires something more than a “Quick Fix” it instead requires KNOWLEDGE. KNOWLEDGE of the science behind how each body and the energy systems in the body works, along with knowledge of each sport and what type of training is required to maximize each individuals optimal performance. So many people get into this field because they were “an athlete” or “enjoy working out,” but very few actually have the education¬†behind them or the self-discipline it takes to coach and teach all the nuances that go in to training an athlete. Our goal as coaches should be to not only improve our athletes performance, but to educate the athlete (AND THEIR PARENTS) about how and why we do things.

The simple facts are; Your child will not get better by just playing in leagues, teams (including both school and travel), attending any camps and clinics, or buying a supplement or new piece of workout equipment. The only way to make drastic improvements is through focused practice and improving your knowledge base!

Do the “right” research and “ask” questions, don’t assume someone knows what they are talking about. Skepticism is key!