All of the kids who come to us for training have bad habits. However, in the game of basketball one bad habit reigns supreme. The worst bad habit of them all is if you think there is just one RIGHT way to do something. Let me explain…

The worst habit you can possibly have is to think that there is just one RIGHT way to do something! Basketball is not set in stone. Every game, every player, every situation is different. If you’re a coach and you tell your payers they have to have a clean step in to every shot then you’re wrong, on the other hand if you tell your players they have to hop into every shot your wrong too. Basketball calls for both/and. Sometimes you need to step in cleanly and get your feet set to knock in the long range catch and shoot three ball, other times you need to split defenders and hop in between them to get the shot off.

Here is another example…Ray Allen and Steph Curry two of the best shooters to ever live. One barely jumps at all and the other jumps two feet in the air every time he shoots. One releases with his follow thru low the other has a release that is a foot above his head. These two guys shoot very differently, but can you tell me either of them are doing something wrong?!!?

Now don’t get me wrong there are better practices for things like shooting and dribbling, but those better practices change depending on the player and the situation! If you have a team of 12 players and they are all different sizes and heights and they have different levels of athleticism and skill…then guess what?! You will have to cater to each player as an individual. You can’t tell the 7 footer to dribble the same way as the 5’6 point guard and you sure as heck can’t tell them to shoot the same way! It is all about learning what works best for each player!

No crossover and no shot by any two players is exactly the same. The best skills coaches are the ones who can cater to each player as an individual and the best players are the ones learn what works best for them not what works best for others.

Watch this video comparing Ray Allen to Steph Curry and really try to pick out the differences in their shots.