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There are always a lot of people out there that claim they can get you faster or they can get you to jump higher. Well here is some blunt honesty for you, No one has the magic dust that they can sprinkle on you to make you jump 10 inches higher or run 10 times faster. It simply just takes hard work! But you probably knew that already!

What you may not know is that if you go to a speed coach and they have you doing all these cool ladder and cone drills with bands and harnesses and sleds…The benefits from this stuff alone will NOT improve your speed by any significant amount. All those cool speed drills need to be complemented by the APPROPRIATE Strength training and diet. Only when you combine all three will you truly see improvements.

Now maybe you are like meas a kid and you are uncoordinated and have to be taught how to actually run…Don’t Laugh, this happens a lot!!! Running the correct way is not natural for most people.  I had to be taught the proper way to swing my arms and drive my knees up and strike the ground with the balls of my feet. The BIGGEST improvement you will ever see is when you learn to run with proper form, after that you will fight for every millisecond you gain.

All this goes for Jumping ability as well. Learn the proper form first and foremost and then dive into Plyometrics, Strength Training and diets to see results. Just 1 of the 3 will not cut it!