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A lot of people give Durant and LeBron a hard time for picking up and leaving their teams to go after “Easier” Rings. The most typical comment you get is that “Kobe and Jordan would not have done that!”

Well Jordan and Kobe are in a class all their own. This is not to say they are better than Durant or LeBron…that is an argument for another day. However, no matter who you think is the best basketball player you cannot deny that Jordan and Kobe have a bit of a MENTAL edge over …well…everyone!!

Of these four players mentioned LeBron is the best athlete and Durant is just built for basketball probably better than anyone else who has ever played the game, yet, Kobe and Jordan are still in the debate to be the GOAT because of a certain Mental superiority.

Why is this?

Well…To get back to the point of mindset. Freak Athletes like LeBron and Durant and the other 400 or so players in the NBA are rare to come by, but there are 400 of them. (Yes I know Kelly Olynyk is not quite in the same class as LeBron, but to the everyday person they are both freak athletes.) So Freak athletes are rare but compared to the once in a generation mindset of a Kobe or a Jordan the athletes are a dime a dozen.

In Summary don’t fault guys for not being as mentally tough as Kobe or Jordan. That mindset is a gift from god just like the ability to jump 50 inches in the air…It just turns out that the Mindset might be a little bit more of a rarity.

This video is Cliche by now but it gives some insight to that MJ/KOBE mindset; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uB5Pt_8cr6Y