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When we’re younger we often strive to find a sport, activity, or hobby we love. Some people find it right away, others may take time, or maybe they never find it. Love is a strong word, especially when it is used towards a hobby. If and when you find that passion, you tend to identify yourself with it, spend the little bit of free time you have with it, strive to become better at it, etc. When you love or have a passion for something, complacency is not a factor. That being said, as human beings, we tend to take our most precious possessions for granted whatever or whomever it may be.

Which brings me to the question…What Drives You?

Is it…

Your Parent/guardian(s)

A Sibling


Friend/loved one


Your burning desire for the sport you love

and so on…

The best athletes NEVER settle because they are not concerned with the outside people who try to influence them. Even when they are identified as the BEST player in the world, they still find a weakness to improve on. Or vice versa, you can take the “bench warmer”, who will never see a lick of playing time in their career but loves the game so much to do whatever it takes for their coach and teammates.

STOP going through the motions and figure out what drives you so you don’t go through your career with regrets.

Awesome Video..Check it out. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q9pr3oPURtA