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Growing up as a competitive athlete, I often identified myself as an “Athlete”, or a “Basketball player”. But what happened when I was unable to play the sport I identified myself with my entire life due to a reoccurring cycle of injuries? I began asking myself a series of questions…

Who was I?

Where did I belong?

Who accepted me for me?

What other things was I good at?


At that point I realize (or thought I realized) that I was non-existent without basketball. My coach or teammates didn’t need me, my family didn’t know what to talk to me about besides that sport, I had a lack of confidence that trickled down to every other aspect if my life, and so on. Until I suddenly realized how selfish I was and how the cycle of injuries were beyond my control. But what was in my control was how I treated the people around me, other ways I could help my coach and teammates – by being the leader they saw in me all along (on and off the court), establishing my true priorities (which basketball, oddly enough was not at the top or even close), trusting God had something bigger for me and humbling myself to serve others as he serves us.

Sometimes we are so caught up in the “ME” and “I”… how does this benefit ME? What do I get out of this? That we forget life is much greater than the bubble we surround ourselves with. Sometimes we are given a rude wake up call to step back and exam our lives.

Don’t get me wrong…I absolutely LOVE the game of basketball. But unfortunately, it eventually comes to an end. Basketball has and is doing so much for me.. it has helped shape my character and who I am today, it has lead me to the career I want to spend my whole life doing, and most importantly it has humbled me like no other. I didn’t know something so simple as a sport could teach you so much about yourself!