Why is it that people often try to put down hardworking, successful individuals?

Success not meaning prize possessions or material objects, but goals, happiness, and dreams. When talking to others, it is easy to say how we want to strive for more and work hard but when it comes down to it we don’t, because of what our peers may say. People will always try to put you down in all areas of life when trying to strive for more than the “ordinary” or “average” Joe.

This is the biggest reason why I believe it is hard to find someone who REALLY works hard. We are afraid of stepping on our teammates toes, afraid someone may be mad at us, afraid of looking silly, and ultimately afraid of not being accepted.

There are a few steps to help you gets started back on the path which will make you truly great.

  1. Set goals (both short term and long term) – the skies the limit
  2. Do something to work towards at least one goal each and every day (It can be something as little as going out of your way to open the door for someone, or staying to work on your free throw shooting for 5 minutes after practice.)
  3. Don’t be afraid of people putting you down (they do this to make them feel better because they did not attempt to act on an opportunity)
  4. Remind yourself often why you are taking the actions you are taking towards your goal

Why put ourselves down, or not sprint at the track, or drill in the backyard because people may roll their eyes, say your weird, or laugh? Why regret a losing season, an award you should of gotten, a promotion you missed out on?

Don’t get caught up with the so called “norm” of going through the motions, living day by day with no sense of purpose, missing out on the “here” and “now”. If you do, you will by pass what is right in front of you because before you know it, you will go through another season of regret, saying “I should of”, “could of”, “would of”.

There is always something better, not meaning money or materialistic matter but making your self better (building character, heart, work ethic, happiness, peace, etc).

Awesome video that recaps the point of this post in Workout form. Check it out.